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This is my digital garden where evolution, creativity and tech converge. I've just started the process so the site will change a lot. I am still unclear on how it will all be organized.


The question of evolution is at the center of most of my work. From my meditation practice and teaching, to the music I play even to the marketing and branding work I do with client, it all happens within that greater concept of evolution.

Evolution is the process of liberation of our limitations in order to acquires new skills and undertands of who we are. The yoga and tantra systems offers good tools to help human continue to evolve. Consumerism goes againts evolution, although one can decided to freely go against consumerism and continue to evolve.

At the moment, I combine yoga nidra with dream yoga karma yoga reflection obe and meditation. I also consider music to be part of my pratices.


Expression of our creativity is an important aspect of being human and exploring our reality. It's also an important part of our evolution. From dancing, music, singning, painting or programming all of these activities transcend our human life and connect us to something greater.

music or the creation of vibration is itself at the convergence of the different reality we navigate. Vibrations condense into light, light condense into matter and the complexification of matter creates us, the receptacle of consiousness. By practicing music you can travel trough all these stage of creation.


Food can be medecine as well as delicious. Here I will log some of my favorite receipes and my plan for my geodesic greenhouse.

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