about me

My name is Geoffroy Tremblay. I am a urban yogi living in them Mountain of BC, Canada. I feel like our culture is going againts our own evolution, and I am searching for ways to share the idea of evolution and meditation. This concept of evolution revolution is something I discuss about in my radio show, where a revolution is only possible if we all move toward our own evolution.

I teach meditation, you can read more about it here https://damaru.yoga and have a weekly radio show on anonradio.net (and make some music sometime) http://damaru.sdf.org. I love to play electronic music and jam online or with friends. I thinkg music is our connection to the 'greater' self, the vibration that connect us all togheter.

In my day job I help people with technologies, marketing and branding, you can read more about it on https://ponnuki.net and I try to regularly publish on https://gef.ink all my creative work.

I'm rebranding ponnuki.net to montagne.co. studio ponnuki has always been that space which house all of my own as well as my family project.

studio ponnuki

Is the physical and online space to hold all of these projects: