In order to find out about your limitation you can look into what your body is saying. Lookng at the koshas you can understand how each layers affect the layers around them. The understanding of koshas can help understanding your limitation by simply observing sensations in your body.

Psychology can also helps in liberating patterns that has been created in your mind. The mind has a tendency to create loops, or infinite iterations. Fear of being afraid, or judging oneself because you arejudging others, and many similar ideas never get resove and simply keep on creating tension and limitations.

Limitations can be created from our past, from our society and from our perception of reality. Liberation from these limitation can only be attain by one own will, ie. no one can remove your own limitation.

personal history

Our past influence who we are today. Looking into our past is a fundational practice to free ourselves from it.

Trauma often occures by hurting oneself. Creating a strong judgment of onself in a traumatic experience often leave strong marks in one's mind or one's body.


The society we live in has created a container for how we live and what we can and can't do. This will eventually come in contrast with one's own interpretation of what it means to be human. Society is only a tamed version of the potential of human life and cannot be used as a foundation to liberation, ie. being a good citizen might be the worst that someone could do in order to liberate oneself.