food medecine

There are only few ailments that need regular attention. Inflamations, which case headhache, cramps, tensions. Infections



Garlic is the most potent antibiotic I have found. I tested on infected gum as well as other illneses. The antibiotic is created when you leave the minced garlic to air out. The process can also happen when you chez on the garlic, but because of the taste it's not as easy.

In order to make the garlic treatment gentler on the body, I put the activated garlic in raw unpasturized honey, which also contain antibiotic. Yogourt can also be used as to not completely destroy your gutt flora.

What works best is 10 day of garlic 2 cloves a days. For a teeth infection it's important to cotinue after the swelling and pain reduce.

You can also use raw fresh garlic in your food. It's a nice way to continue a 'gentler' treatment on a longer period. The two main dish Iuse raw garlic with are Taziki and Humus. I often joke about making a 'therapeutic' strenght Hummus when I want to use a lot of raw garlic.

Garlic is easy to grow and should be planted after the fist snow in Canada. I planted 24 plant which would cover a whole year. You can cure and braid your garlic for easy storage and usage.

apple cider vinagre

anti inflamatory


Tumeric is not only anti-inflamatory but also good for thining blood. I beleive it played a massive role in my survival when I ended pu at the hospital with a double pulmonary embolism.

anti poison / alergies

Activated charcoal is always at arms reach in the kitchen.