Music has recently merged with my yogi path. It's now yet another way to help me and others in evolution. Sound is vibration and in many sacred text sound is viewed as what precede everything. From sound comes light and from light come matter. So we are all created by sound, the knowledge of making sound thus becomes a tool to help humans feels or understand their deeper or inner self.

The spandakarika (or the wave of bliss) is a text that can be interpreted as a text divulging how reality is build upon these wave, these vibrations.


I started in my electronic music exploration in 2009. First with the Tenori-on then MicroKorg XL, I tried multiple instruments trough the year. Op-1, Nord Rack, MPC-1000, Korg Kaos pad, to name a few. I then played around with computer based art and music composition, from processing to pure-data, csound a tried a bit of super collider.

The computer interface isn't for me a creative space as I work most day on the screen. At thispoint I'd rather use hardware to play and experiment.

As of 2022 my setup consist of:





Inspired by EF-101 (ElectroFaustus 101) I built Geronimo, a simple hand held noise maker.



The fist instrument that I've ever played. Started as a kid. I started back taking lessons in 2021


Played a bit as a kid, now wanting to get my still to a better level. I have been taking lessons in music science and keyboard since 2019.


I have a foudational training on classical tabla in 2005. I still play occasionally. I want to post my practice sheet here.


Loving the easthetic of the flute and its simplicity I purchase one around 2009 but never got any classes. Back in 2019 I took my first few months lessons. (todo - post basic informaiton here)